10 no-nonsense great performance tips

Motivated And Competent pride ourselves on being pragmatic, purposeful (no-nonsense and having fun with a serious intent) and really focused on raising people’s performance. This involves changing people’s performance mix; their ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. So here are some quick, simple tips to implement performance boosting ideas. They’re all proven ideas which lead to action […]

Use the endowment effect to make learning stick

What is the endowment effect and how can we use it to make learning stick? The endowment effect explains the fact that people attach more value to things merely because they own them. The ‘endowment effect’ was identified by Richard Thaler in 1980. The endowment effect has been tested by verifying that people tend to pay more to keep ownership […]

What’s the point of Learning and Development?

How often have you heard the exasperated question: ‘What’s the point of Learning and Development?’ How often have you heard the following quotation trotted out as a put down of trainers, teachers, etc.? “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” (George Bernard Shaw, 1903.) Is this perception part of our problem as L&D professionals? […]

Making learning a valuable experience

I read lots of blogs on learning. I sometimes end up shouting at my screen; “No! Stop telling me why training and learning doesn’t work! I know it does work!” So let’s talk about the upsides of learning – how we make learning work. How we make it a valuable experience, and a great journey for […]

Why I love learning

There’s no greater joy in my life than watching and hearing one of my young daughters leap up and run towards me, a thrilled blur of excitement, shouting “DADDY! I DID IT!” I’ve never felt more alive than at moments such as these. The thrill, the unbounded joy of a new achievement. It’s intoxicating. To a […]