That vicious cycle: You can’t decide, and so you don’t act

We all have them; a moment when you’ve turned 30 or 40 . . . or a new year has come around and you’ve decided that you must get fit.

You don’t like the way you look or feel and have mentally committed yourself to ‘do something about it’. But you struggle with what to do; after all you’re not a dietician, a fitness coach nor any kind of expert in the human body . . . and you know what? After lots of thinking, nothing happens. You’ve researched and read up and are ready to make improvements. Yet you can’t decide what to do for the best. So you stick with the comfortable option and do nothing – you opt for the status quo. After all better the devil you know?

Or, maybe after a couple of false starts your enthusiasm wanes and things peter out depute your good intentions.

A few years ago now, I decided that, at over 40, I really needed to take my fitness and running strength from decent to superior, there and then, if I was ever going to get around to complete a life goal in running the London Marathon.

Two of the most common things that Motivated And Competent find which block people and organisations from taking effective action (and achieving their goals) are prevarication and lack of clarity on how to proceed.

Well, at Motivated and Competent we set you up to succeed. We firmly believe that any set of actions or inaction that you chose will have a direct, major impact upon your future success or failure.

So if you want to make NOW the moment you commit to taking positive action, and to be confident that your energies are focused on the right actions, read on. Here is our checklist of five simple, massively effective, things you should do:

1. Turn your Dreams into Goals – start with the end in mind (point B). Clarity of vision is important here. What do you want to achieve, and why is it important? Establishing your motivation is crucial.  Write your goals down, and, maybe share them. Define them in measurable terms and commit to them. (We can share with you an 8 point planning tool to help with this),

2. Plan for success; what’s the quickest or best route to your goals? Recognise where you are now (Point A),

3. Determine the activity you need to get from Point A to Point B. Are there attitudinal factors? Or is it your knowledge, understanding and / or skills? What help do you require? How long will it take to embed the new behaviours?

4. Take decisive action. This may be a staged process through which you build to your Point B. Little by little is Okay,

5. Review and measure your progress. Reframe your plan as necessary. But stay focused on your ideal outcomes – Point B,

Armed with this tried and teased methodology we will help you achieve your personal, business unit, or organisation-wide goals.

And I did complete my London Marathon. I had an amazing life affirming experience, increased my ability, gained great personal satisfaction, raised money for a charity close to my heart, and have kept going and run many more distance events since. If you want to take break that vicious cycle and take YOUR first, decisive step contact us NOW:

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