Why great leaders develop and motivate their people

The best leaders are those who recognise that they can’t do and know everything themselves. They appreciate the potential of the people they work amongst. So great leaders develop and motivate their people.

Leadership is about helping your people to be the best they can be. Leaders should inspire, animate, and put premium grade rocket fuel into their team. That fuel is a potent mix of motivation, ability and focus.

 How is motivation created? Well, some people possess a high degree of intrinsic motivation. But leaders need to create an external motivational pull too.

They recognise that people like to move towards a vision of the future. So leaders frame a vision and communicate it to others clearly. People identify with this lead are pulled towards the vision or goal.

Leaders also identify the reasons why people will buy into the organisational vision and goals, ensuring their people have identified a reason that applies to them. This means people move eagerly towards a shared vision or goal and no longer have to be pushed away from behaving as they’ve always done. (Or managed by periodically ordering people to do this or that, to heard them towards your goals).

This relates to the principle of human behaviours that we’ve discussed previously: that people instinctively move away from pain and toward pleasure. (See our earlier thoughts on the principles that underpin motivation here.)

Successful leaders seem to naturally create harmonious, happy environments where people enjoy their work and team or business goals are compatible with people’s abilities and values. Leaders should not manage the basic daily tasks; their managers will do this when they understand the goals.

But leaders should create, talk about and refocus the vision and goals. And they should use sound motivational principles and develop people’s competencies. Particularly, with todays fast pace of change.

When leaders develop their people they also safeguard the future of their organisation. People and organisations are intrinsically linked.

Successful businesses and organisations are comprised of happy, fulfilled, motivated people. People who are focused on a vision and understand what they are doing, know how to do it, and most importantly, why they are doing it.

Motivated, focused and able people deliver leaders their success.

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