Motivated And Competent offer a range of services designed to help individuals and organisations increase their effectiveness. We offer this through several channels.

Learning and development services

Motivated And Competent can offer you a full range of services to enable you and your team to grow, realise your full potential and remain competent, focussed and motivated:

  • business processes review
  • change programmes
  • training needs analysis
  • learning materials design
    • e-learning
    • bespoke training course design and delivery
    • classroom training
    • study materials and study techniques
    • coaching
  • evaluation and assessment
    • multiple choice question bank design
    • assessment of knowledge, understanding and skills
    • role plays and simulation to develop competencies and develop skills and confidence
  • review and feedback on the above.

Communication and influencing skills

Motivated And Competent believe that clear and concise communication is crucial. It’s important within and between organisations, as well as between organisations and their customers .

We can assist developing awareness and effectiveness in the following areas:

  • establishing, building and maintaining rapport,
  • listening skills
  • body language
  • written and oral communications
  • influencing skills
    • influencing people as a leader
    • management skills
      • using Management Information to raise performance
      • goal setting
      • effective performance management
      • empowering people
      • succession planning
    • sales skills
    • the psychology of purchasing and selling

We have 25 years of business experiences and the accumulated wisdom of others we have worked with. We believe we can help others by sharing these experiences.

Business consultancy

We will consult with you to help you to identify goals you want to achieve, develop strategies and help you develop. We do this by:

  • listening
  • confirming
  • challenging and validating your ideas
  • guiding as necessary
  • developing pragmatic steps you can take to grow
  • providing support, feedback and candid comment as necessary
  • staying in touch as long as you require.

However you decide to use our services we will be honest and open in our dealings with you.