Pandora’s box, ethics and doing the right things right

  Whatever part you play in life these days you are potentially doing so in the public spotlight. A few years ago, before the mass take up of blogging and social networking, who’d have imagined that that there would be so much public comment, over and above the mainstream media, on the following? The departure […]

Do you just muddle along or do you thrive?

Does your organisation somehow muddle along, managing to ‘just get by’? Or, does it thrive, retain and develop a happy, fulfilled, dedicated workforce whose skill set grows to meet the needs of their roles in an ever evolving world? Motivated And Competent believes that your team’s competence to do their role is a key part […]

Working with Prudential Financial Planning

Motivated And Competent are delighted to be working with PFP again as they expand their operations. We are working with them to develop a sales process and skills course for advisers and managers. And we will then help deliver the course and validate the candidates’ performance. Good luck to all joining PFP at this exciting […]