About us

Jonathan Wood

Motivated And Competent was set up, and is lead by, Jonathan Wood who brings over 25 years business experience to the organisation. His emphasis is on achieving personal and business growth by driving performance, purposeful, targetted learning, motivation and ensuring common sense management practice with an eye on sound, ethical business practices.

He is a P.G.C.E. qualified learning and development professional has worked in sales, sales management, banking and financial services and has run several profitable and successful business units.

The Motivated And Competent approach to consultancy, business analysis, design of learning materials, learner centred delivery strategies, feedback and measurement skills is informed by our experiences including working with many notable companies (see Clients) with different cultures and practices.

We ensure we understand our client’s expectations of us from the outset of our relationship. As Stephen Covey suggested – seek first to understand, then to be understood. We believe this to be an appropriate guide in all relationships, be they personal or professional ones.

The way we work is:

  • consultative yet challenging,
  • outcomes focussed,
  • focussed around the drivers for your success,
  • motivational,
  • focussed on ensuring the ongoing competence of your team,
  • about sharing best practices,
  • innovative,
  • honest and candid,
  • designed to ensure that you and your people know why what they do is important (Motivated), what they are aiming to achieve and how they will achieve it (Competent).