How prepared are you for the Mortgage Market Review?

Prepared for the Mortgage Market Review?

Are you prepared for the Mortgage Market Review?

How prepared are are your mortgage operations for the advent of the Mortgage Market Review in April 2014?

To help answer that it’s helpful to pose a few focused questions:

  • Who are the impacted employees in your mortgage operations?
  • How are your sales processes affected by MMR?
  • What impacts are there on your back office processes and functions (which have customer touch points)?
  • How will your sales quality assurance processes be affected?
  • How will your arrears handling department meet their obligations?
  • What processes do you need to amend?
  • How well advanced is your CeMAP study programme?
  • What other competency and process training will be necessary?
  • What learning or communication requirements do you have?

Motivated And Competent has a good record of helping major financial planning organisations successfully prepare for change. Recently we helped a major UK bancassurer prepare its’ sales and management teams for the advent of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR).

Using those experiences and our current one of working with a mortgage lender to prepare for the MMR we’d be well placed to help you cope and thrive with these new changes.