The quick way to help people accept change and thrive

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Change is constant. Change is inevitable. Change can be good. Unless, of course, if you’re in a position where things are being done to you. Then it often doesn’t feel like it. So how can we help people accept change and thrive despite change which they don’t seek?

The answer is with this tool: C I A.

C is for change. Ask; can I change this?

I is for influence. Ask; can I influence this?

A is for acceptance. Ask; will I accept this?

If we decide not to accept change we suffer negative emotions and live in the past. Once we accept change we can reclaim control by embracing possibility and the future.

And, as we look around we can find many great examples of how many others accepted change and thrived because of the opportunities it throws up, and their positive attitude.

Two quick questions:

1. How many examples of people who’ve thrived after change can you list?

2. What’s a really inspiring example of this?