Use the endowment effect to make learning stick

What is the endowment effect and how can we use it to make learning stick? The endowment effect explains the fact that people attach more value to things merely because they own them. The ‘endowment effect’ was identified by Richard Thaler in 1980. The endowment effect has been tested by verifying that people tend to pay more to keep ownership […]

Why I love learning

There’s no greater joy in my life than watching and hearing one of my young daughters leap up and run towards me, a thrilled blur of excitement, shouting “DADDY! I DID IT!” I’ve never felt more alive than at moments such as these. The thrill, the unbounded joy of a new achievement. It’s intoxicating. To a […]

The quick way to help people accept change and thrive

Change is constant. Change is inevitable. Change can be good. Unless, of course, if you’re in a position where things are being done to you. Then it often doesn’t feel like it. So how can we help people accept change and thrive despite change which they don’t seek? The answer is with this tool: C I A. […]

In praise of how we cope with change

I was chatting with a friend and work colleague this morning – we had a good catch up. We talked about work and compared notes, as you do. We asked about what each other had been doing outside work and about our work / life balance. It was a life affirming chat. Thanks Steve! My […]

Does change mean stress or success?

I’ve just re-read ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I’ve probably taken more away from it than on my first reading a decade ago. The reason it hit home may be due to the fact that I’m one of an increasing number of people who contract with a number of organisations […]

Lining up your ducks: successfully embedding learning and change in your organisation

At Motivated And Competent we are fed up with reading about why so often learning and change is not being effectively embedded and organisations are left underwhelmed by a learning programme roll out. There’s no need for this to be the case. We are in the business of learning, facilitating organisational change and improvement. We want […]

By chance or by design?

Having had the opportunity to spend some precious time with my very young family over the last few months I’ve had an opportunity to think about how this amazing adventure of life unravels. I’ve also thought about how my professional life, striving to help people and organisations achieve the outcomes they want, mirrors the experience […]