Knowledge doesn’t create power. So what does?

So often I hear repeated, Francis Bacon’s, saying that “Knowledge is power”. Although I know what he meant by this – that knowledge is important and can create power I don’t believe knowledge per se equals power. It’s how we use that knowledge that counts and which differentiates people and their achievements. I think that Confucius was nearer the mark when […]

Do you just muddle along or do you thrive?

Does your organisation somehow muddle along, managing to ‘just get by’? Or, does it thrive, retain and develop a happy, fulfilled, dedicated workforce whose skill set grows to meet the needs of their roles in an ever evolving world? Motivated And Competent believes that your team’s competence to do their role is a key part […]

By chance or by design?

Having had the opportunity to spend some precious time with my very young family over the last few months I’ve had an opportunity to think about how this amazing adventure of life unravels. I’ve also thought about how my professional life, striving to help people and organisations achieve the outcomes they want, mirrors the experience […]

Working with Lloyds Banking Group

Motivated And Competent are working with Lloyds Banking Group designing an assessment for Supervisors working in the regulated financial services market. We are designing a multiple choice question bank to benchmark knowledge, understanding and application of their learning about the Lloyds Training And Competence (T&C) scheme to their workplace after a workshop. This will measure […]