Pandora’s box, ethics and doing the right things right

  Whatever part you play in life these days you are potentially doing so in the public spotlight. A few years ago, before the mass take up of blogging and social networking, who’d have imagined that that there would be so much public comment, over and above the mainstream media, on the following? The departure […]

What is Leadership and what is Management?

  At Motivated And Competent we often work on management and leadership development programmes with organisations that want to develop their people and improve performance. So we thought we’d share a few key points that illustrate the similarities and crossover between the two as well as differentiating the two. Similarities between the two are often […]

How effectively do you really listen to your clients?

Many of our clients ask us to work with them on their sales processes, to improve their sales skills, leading to higher sales and profitability. In a commercial world we all want to boost performance. Everything we do at Motivated And Competent is about boosting performance. Yet we cannot help thinking that focusing on raising sales […]

Do you just muddle along or do you thrive?

Does your organisation somehow muddle along, managing to ‘just get by’? Or, does it thrive, retain and develop a happy, fulfilled, dedicated workforce whose skill set grows to meet the needs of their roles in an ever evolving world? Motivated And Competent believes that your team’s competence to do their role is a key part […]

Are your team as motivated to win as David was to beat Goliath?

We hear a lot about the importance of motivation; in sports contexts, regarding team building, about sales people and teams, and when we discuss leadership. Well, at Motivated and Competent we know the value of motivated people. One of the key things we do is to help develop motivated teams who can competently and consistently […]

That vicious cycle: You can’t decide, and so you don’t act

We all have them; a moment when you’ve turned 30 or 40 . . . or a new year has come around and you’ve decided that you must get fit. You don’t like the way you look or feel and have mentally committed yourself to ‘do something about it’. But you struggle with what to […]

By chance or by design?

Having had the opportunity to spend some precious time with my very young family over the last few months I’ve had an opportunity to think about how this amazing adventure of life unravels. I’ve also thought about how my professional life, striving to help people and organisations achieve the outcomes they want, mirrors the experience […]