How effectively do you really listen to your clients?

Many of our clients ask us to work with them on their sales processes, to improve their sales skills, leading to higher sales and profitability. In a commercial world we all want to boost performance.

Everything we do at Motivated And Competent is about boosting performance.

Yet we cannot help thinking that focusing on raising sales is a revealing mind-set. It is focused on oneself rather than focused primarily on the other party.

At Motivated And Competent we know that through questioning and listening we can all learn and understand so much. Then, rather than just selling to, one can facilitate other people’s purchasing decisions – ones which they’ve thought through intelligently and self-validated. A happy long-term advocate of your business results.

Listening properly is of paramount importance and comes at the heart of our ethos about raising sales, and, at the core of our consulting methodology. We seek to understand before we seek to formulate and put across our point of view.

Listening is therefore what we do first. And we always listen before we advise when you are consulting with us. At the core of our simple four-step approach to facilitating clients’ purchasing decisions are some key questions:

  • How client focused are you?
  • How effective are your questions?
  • How effectively do you listen?
  • How do your customers know that they’ve been listened to?
  • Do you have a flexible conversational structure which allows you to fully appreciate your clients’ view of the world?
  • How do you respectfully challenge your clients’ statements to facilitate critical thought and help them to feel empowered to take purchasing choices?
  • What do your customers feel after they’ve interacted with your organisation?

If you want to improve your client interactions, talk about your sales process or approach, or check how effectively you listen to your clients….then come and talk with us. We’ll listen!

Here’s how to start the conversation:

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