Have I Told You Lately?

Great leaders, managers, and considerate people thank and help intuitively, consistently and unprompted. They value those around them. It’s a basic human kindness to deal with people around you in such a personal manner. It personalises what can become, in time and with familiarity, either in our busy and pressured work or personal lives, a […]

What is Leadership and what is Management?

  At Motivated And Competent we often work on management and leadership development programmes with organisations that want to develop their people and improve performance. So we thought we’d share a few key points that illustrate the similarities and crossover between the two as well as differentiating the two. Similarities between the two are often […]

Why great leaders develop and motivate their people

The best leaders are those who recognise that they can’t do and know everything themselves. They appreciate the potential of the people they work amongst. So great leaders develop and motivate their people. Leadership is about helping your people to be the best they can be. Leaders should inspire, animate, and put premium grade rocket fuel […]