Have I Told You Lately?

Have I Told You Lately?Great leaders, managers, and considerate people thank and help intuitively, consistently and unprompted. They value those around them.

It’s a basic human kindness to deal with people around you in such a personal manner. It personalises what can become, in time and with familiarity, either in our busy and pressured work or personal lives, a ‘transactional’ relationship. Appreciating the individual reminds us of what’s important. For me it’s simple. It’s people, well being and happiness.

You see I’m filled up with appreciation of people’s kindness and generosity. Especially today. A gentleman on another continent, who I’ve never met, has taken time out to give me feedback after I messaged him, on a social media platform, asking him for feedback on a blog I’d written. I valued his professional opinion. He in turn valued me enough to correspond and give me personal, specific, valued feedback and suggestions. (Thanks Todd!)

It’s reminded me of how lovely people are. I’m now very motivated, I’m feeling really good about myself and those around me. My new friend has got me re-tuned into seeing the good in folk and heightened by awareness of the needs of others. You see he’s started a wonderful chain reaction. I’m going the extra mile today helping others with a big change/IT programme. Everyone’s winning.

So I think we should all frequently ask ourselves this question:

When was the last time you took time out to speak with your partner / family / work colleagues / team and tell them what they mean to you?

When did you last spontaneously broach topics such as:

  • how much you appreciate them,
  • what they’ve done for you,
  • what impact they make,
  • what they mean to you,
  • why you value them?

Go and tell some people now what you may have omitted to tell them lately. You’ll probably feel great about yourself too. And if you’re anything like me you’ll be humming or whistling the tune to yourself for the next few days….

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