By chance or by design?

Having had the opportunity to spend some precious time with my very young family over the last few months I’ve had an opportunity to think about how this amazing adventure of life unravels.

I’ve also thought about how my professional life, striving to help people and organisations achieve the outcomes they want, mirrors the experience of a growing family.

When my wife and I found out that we were blessed by expecting a child we reached for information and consulted some experts; other mums and dads, our parents, expert writers on babies and parenting. We made some fundamental decisions about the life we would lead with our new family. Such as: would we both work over the next few years? How would our careers be affected? Where would we live? How much income do we want for our new lives? What is our approach to parenting? And many others besides.

It became clear to us that we had to identify our beliefs, discuss and agree priorities, analyse what we wanted to achieve with our children. It reminded us how very apparent it is that leaving things to chance was not how we wanted to proceed. We clarified our thoughts, took stock and made sure that we put the fundamentals in place to give us the best chance of succeeding as new parents.

And things are going very well. Okay, we’ve had a few challenges. Some sleepless nights, a few unwelcome sniffles and bronchitis in our youngest daughter. But the thing is; we have a clear sense of direction, of values and priorities. And, we are enjoying the adventure. We also feel we’re succeeding in guiding and moulding two very precious little people.

So, as I have stepped back more into the work arena I reflected on how a natural sequence of events – child birth, babyhood and early childhood mirrors what I do daily when I leave the family home.

I talk with people and organisations that are faced with a change (new process, new product, new regulations, etc.) and help them identify what they want to achieve. I listen; seek to understand their motivation, their ideal outcomes, their constraints, and their existing competencies. Then, we formulate a plan to get there. We focus and we work on anything which will lead to success; attitudes, motivation, skills, knowledge, understanding, aligning people with the organisation, aligning people and their beliefs, for example.

We have recently moved into a new year, with new economic conditions, new challenges in a rapidly evolving world. (Just how many major and unpredictable changes have occurred around the world in the last 12 months?)

Some key questions to contemplate are:

* When was last time you took stock and reviewed your personal and business priorities?

* When did you last take time to plan your personal and organisation’s success?

* Do you believe that success comes by chance or by design?

* Does success happen alone?

* What help do you want to ensure that you succeed in the short and longer term?

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