Why it’s important to do what you love and love what you do

From these men...We’re in the business of working with people to raise their performance; that can mean working to improve skills, knowledge and competencies or it can mean looking at their motivation / attitude. All these things impact on what people achieve.

Most of the time we are working with committed, professional people who are determined to do the best they can. sometime we question whether someone is in the right role. You know; the kind of person who is always complaining, criticising and blaming. A mood hoover. Someone who just isn’t right for their role. You wonder why they don’t do another job which they like.

I was reminded when watching the inspiring film ‘The Rochdale Pioneers’ recently just how important, and powerful, loving your work is to success.

In the film which charts the birth of the modern co-operative movement in the 1840s in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, we see a small yet committed group of people come together with common cause and determination. Their motivation was being poorly served by retailers who took great advantage of them. The pioneers saw an opportunity to serve themselves and their community better and equitably. They influenced others with the passion of their conviction and their ability to get the seemingly impossible done. Their motivation and vision drove them on despite many setbacks, giving them resolution to stay focussed upon their ideals.

We see the power to change, transform and innovate from determined people doing something they are committed to. The Rochdale Pioneers are just one good example. Time and time again people succeed in achieving amazing feats when they love what they do.

The pioneers may not have loved all the dirty, hard work (a wintery, 23 mile round trip by foot to Manchester market to buy stock comes to mind) but they loved what they were building. They strived and succeeded despite so much adversity. The pioneers created the principleswhich laid the foundations for the ethics conscious and diverse Co-operative group in the UK; still proudly centred in Manchester. And, they inspired a cooperative movement which spans the world and gives hope to many.

It’s a great example of what can be done. When people believe, are passionate about their goals, are prepared to challenge the status quo, change and grow as people – then anything is possible.

In today’s competitive environment this is as true and relevant as ever. People, service, organisational culture, attitude and drive, are increasingly important as differentiators between good and world class businesses. World class businesses pioneer, innovate then create and satisfy new markets. Passion drives people and performance! And principles and values help fire passionate people.

Two focussed questions to end:

  1. how much do you and your team love what you do?
  2. where could that passion take you?

...sprang this proud business.