Do you give your customers a positive experience or just process them?

Do you process your customers? Or do you give them a personal, positive, memorable experience. One they want to repeat?

The customer experience of course begins at the first moment you come into contact with them, continues as they form their opinions of your organisation until the point they have completed their dealings with you and are ready to go on and relate their experience to other potential customers?

A few days ago I accompanied my wife as she did a mystery shop on a well known Edinburgh attraction. I’d been there before and was looking forward to refreshing my memory and share it with my family. Yet the moment we arrived it was hard to avoid noticing that we were not in the ‘fast queue’. We were second rate customers and joined a queue to pay our entrance money. Then we joined another rather long queue to gain entry to the attraction. Our first 20 minutes were spent queueing and looking at pictures of the attraction rather than enjoying it firsthand. We were processed and  controlled. I wondered whose benefit this was for.

Having enjoyed the experience twice before over the years, and having recommend it – my recent visit may be my final one.

What is at the forefront of your mind when you think about how you interact with customers? Is your mindset: how quickly can I process them and get them out of the way? (I’m reminded of call centres whose employees are often managed and targeted to end calls in, say, two or three minutes.) Or, do you focus solely on that customer’ and live in the moment rather than have half a mind on the next interaction?

We have a few challenges for you:

  • What are the central planks of your customer engagement strategy?
  • What do you want your customers to see, hear and feel as a result of engaging with you?
  • How did you design you sales processes?
  • How do you develop, broaden and deepen your customers’ engagement with you?
  • Are your customers advocates of your organisation? Why?

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