Do you give your customers a positive experience or just process them?

Do you process your customers? Or do you give them a personal, positive, memorable experience. One they want to repeat? The customer experience of course begins at the first moment you come into contact with them, continues as they form their opinions of your organisation until the point they have completed their dealings with you and […]

The perfect sales process

We frequently work with major financial services organisations on their sales process. This is to input into those processes, helping to design and deliver learning events about them, and, assess people’s competence in complying with them. It’s crucially important to be clear on your company’s processes. Especially in a highly regulated environment and one where […]

Working with Prudential Financial Planning

Motivated And Competent are delighted to be working with PFP again as they expand their operations. We are working with them to develop a sales process and skills course for advisers and managers. And we will then help deliver the course and validate the candidates’ performance. Good luck to all joining PFP at this exciting […]