The quick way to help people accept change and thrive

Change is constant. Change is inevitable. Change can be good. Unless, of course, if you’re in a position where things are being done to you. Then it often doesn’t feel like it. So how can we help people accept change and thrive despite change which they don’t seek? The answer is with this tool: C I A. […]

The one thing you can do to be happier and more successful

Focused, achievers strike me as being amongst the happiest people I meet as I observe people (including the learning and development community). Why is this? And how can we all attain greater happiness and success? It strikes me that being consistently focused on what you can influence, the areas of personal and work life where […]

10 reasons why a ‘learning culture’ is crucial to your organisation

Working with many organisations with varied cultures reveals that there are two basic attitudes which inform a company’s approach to learning: Compliance with mandatory legislation and industry regulators. This is important; particularly for an organisation’s survival and reputation! If compliant, the company may well survive if the industry wide pace of change / innovation doesn’t […]

Engaging with learners to maximise their learning

Motivated And Competent help people learn, change, grow and become more effective by engaging with learners to increase their learning and success. When we are discussing what happens in the learning environment we sometimes hear trainers describe how they behave, using phrases such as; “entertaining my audience” or “when I’m on stage I like to…” […]

Who are you?

There is a clarity and focus that come with knowing who you are. Self-knowledge helps us stay true to ourselves and to our principles. It’s a prerequisite for orientating ourselves towards whatever we consider to be success or happiness. If you were asked the following four questions what would you say? What do you do? […]

Knowledge doesn’t create power. So what does?

So often I hear repeated, Francis Bacon’s, saying that “Knowledge is power”. Although I know what he meant by this – that knowledge is important and can create power I don’t believe knowledge per se equals power. It’s how we use that knowledge that counts and which differentiates people and their achievements. I think that Confucius was nearer the mark when […]

7 things you can do to create successful habits

At this time of year many of us have been thinking about making resolutions for the new year. Often they involve changing our habits. Habits are actions or behaviours that we repeat. Habits and our success (or otherwise) are closely linked: “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” (Jim Rohn) […]

10 reasons why Sir Alex Ferguson has enjoyed long term success

I was thinking, recently, about what it takes to remain successful, over the long term, at the top level in a competitive, volatile and fast changing world. Then I was amazed to come across this statistic on Twitter (via @theEpicGooner). “Sir Alex Ferguson has outlasted 5 American Presidents, 5 British Prime Ministers, 10 Liverpool, 18 Chelsea […]

Why it’s important to do what you love and love what you do

We’re in the business of working with people to raise their performance; that can mean working to improve skills, knowledge and competencies or it can mean looking at their motivation / attitude. All these things impact on what people achieve. Most of the time we are working with committed, professional people who are determined to […]

In praise of how we cope with change

I was chatting with a friend and work colleague this morning – we had a good catch up. We talked about work and compared notes, as you do. We asked about what each other had been doing outside work and about our work / life balance. It was a life affirming chat. Thanks Steve! My […]