Increasing your sales success – client influence and objection handling

Whatever professional service or product you’re selling your success will depend upon your ability to negotiate with and influence your customers. That includes dealing with the objections you’ll naturally face. Of course you’ll pre-empt objections by discussing the value your offering gives the client. You’ll have questioned them, listened carefully, understood their needs, wants and motivation […]

How do you create exceptional brand loyalty?

I recently had a really poor customer experience as a result of hiring a storage unit. I hired it and arranged for access 24 hours per day specifically as I’d need to store some possessions outside of the core opening hours for the storage business. This was made clear to the manager of the unit. […]

Chameleons, seizing opportunities and thriving in a post Retail Distribution Review landscape

Chameleons are adept at dealing with change and survive as they can react instantly to a new landscape. They seize an opportunity when other animals are threatened and exposed by change. A fundamental change is coming to the financial services sector right now. Will you adapt and thrive or will you be a casualty? We are […]

The Retail Distribution Review: A plea for ethics, professionalism and the return of confidence in financial services

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is now upon us. It will be fully in effect from 31st December 2012 but much of the preparatory work has been completed. It will significantly affect the way people interact with financial advisers. It is widely acknowledged that there are many problems with the reputations of financial advisers and […]

Goals, Action Plans and Success

We’ve written before about the importance of planning. Preparation and focus is everything. And this is never truer than when managers are framing Action Plans with their team. It’s no accident that the most successful people set goals. They don’t just dream. They write down, commit to and review progress against their goals. Writing down goals, it is said, transforms […]

What will your legacy be?

What will your legacy be? “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” – William Shakespeare (‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ Act 3, Scene 5) Imagine the day you retire. You may be at a works party thrown in your honour. Maybe some of your family have been invited along too. In fact many that you […]

Do you give your customers a positive experience or just process them?

Do you process your customers? Or do you give them a personal, positive, memorable experience. One they want to repeat? The customer experience of course begins at the first moment you come into contact with them, continues as they form their opinions of your organisation until the point they have completed their dealings with you and […]

The importance of building and maintaining strong, trust and respect based, relationships

There’s a crisis of trust and respect affecting some in what previously seemed an unimpeachable elite class. This crisis has affected many. They include banks (for example the recent LIBOR scandal and money laundering scandal), some individuals at the top tier of banking services, politicians (the expenses scandal, the widely perceived betrayal of values and pledges after election) […]

Have I Told You Lately?

Great leaders, managers, and considerate people thank and help intuitively, consistently and unprompted. They value those around them. It’s a basic human kindness to deal with people around you in such a personal manner. It personalises what can become, in time and with familiarity, either in our busy and pressured work or personal lives, a […]

Pandora’s box, ethics and doing the right things right

  Whatever part you play in life these days you are potentially doing so in the public spotlight. A few years ago, before the mass take up of blogging and social networking, who’d have imagined that that there would be so much public comment, over and above the mainstream media, on the following? The departure […]