Voice messages: do you communicate or stick your fingers in your ears?

Think about the place of voice messages as part of a conversation please: how would you feel if you were trying to have a conversation with somebody when they put their fingers in their ears and walked away? I was listening to BBC Radio 4 this morning (I interact with Radio 4 via various channels) as they […]

How do you create exceptional brand loyalty?

I recently had a really poor customer experience as a result of hiring a storage unit. I hired it and arranged for access 24 hours per day specifically as I’d need to store some possessions outside of the core opening hours for the storage business. This was made clear to the manager of the unit. […]

Planning and Visualising your personal and organisational success

Planning and visualisation success is crucial for all individuals and organisations. After all, how can you reach your goals unless you identify what they are and how to achieve them? And, it would be best to be really committed to attaining those goals – to identify why they are so important to you. As part of […]

Working with a major UK based Business Bank

Motivated And Competent are excited to be working with old friends and colleagues again at a major UK based bank with a worldwide presence. We are working with Business Banking – especially with Business Specialists who are based right across the UK. Motivated And Competent are assisting in the role out of an exciting new […]